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The Association of Eritrean Jeberti in the UK is a voluntary organisation set up in order to help meet the needs of its community.


Like most asylum seekers and refugees in UK, the most vulnerable group within the community includes the unaccompanied minors, young people, single parents, women and the elderly.


Many Eritreans find the process of settlement in this country very difficult. Language and cultural barriers accentuate the existing problem of accommodation / housing, employment, education, social welfare, health and immigration. The Eritrean Jeberti Community has been very concerned about the psychological, cultural and social problems of some of its members.


In June 2000 around 20-30 Eritrean Jeberti started the process of organizing themselves to form the organization in order to tackle the problem head on. For a period of 6 months consultation with members of the community was carried out by an ad-hoc committee and in December 2000 a constitution was drafted.

In July, 8th 2001 the constitution was adopted at the founding general meeting following a thorough debate. After the Constitution was discussed and approved by the house, a Management Committee (MC) consisting of five officers and four other members were elected (seven men and two women) to serve the community. This was the birth of Association of Eritrean Jeberti in the UK (AEJUK).


In July 2002 the Management Committee proposed to its 200 members, to hire a permanent community centre, in order to run its various activities, initially to be funded by the members until an alternative fund can be found. In March 2003, the organisation found the current premises. In November 2003 AEJUK was registered as a charity (Charity No: 1099743).


The Centre is currently located at:

Association of Eritrean Jeberti in the UK (AEJUK)

1a Lime Grove Work

W12 8EE